Cultural Mistakes That Make You Think You Don’t Want Marriage & Kids- Part Two

In the most illuminated state of reality, all people are born with equal value. There are as many ways to express this value as there are people in the world, and young children reveal these aptitudes through the activities they are drawn to when given the freedom to play without restriction. The most effective thing we could do to ensure the positive advancement of society is to trust the fresh instincts of youth and celebrate what each individual child has an intrinsic motivation towards. These are indications of their strongest relevance on Earth! This is especially true in the case of those labeled with attention disorders or autism, who are actually highly focused when left to their own devices, regardless of what one thinks they should be focused on. No work of genius is initiated through an external punishment and reward system.

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Cultural Mistakes That Make You Think You Don’t Want Marriage & Kids- Part One


There is a growing trend in the western world of harboring resentment for the responsibilities of marriage and children. This is understandable given the current climate of modern family lifestyles which seems to be marked by the exhaustion of socializing unruly children,the frustration of a monotonous diffused sexual chemistry, and the financial strain of providing for growing children. Additionally, the family unit as an instrument of social control is a point of contention for those who have had to choose between their personal expression and estrangement from their family of origin. It is tempting for many to abandon the archetypal family and invest their time and money in the endless entertainment, travel, and social variety available in this twenty-first century.

Historically the sexuality, freedom of speech, and interpersonal aggression of the individual have been silenced to earn one’s acceptance to the family. This was especially true in the case of women and children, who were expected to follow the head of the household dogmatically in exchange for his survival protection. One could only hope they were born or married to a man who had their best interests at heart. Unfortunately, a stifled boy-child often grows into a careless and angry man, and is unable to care properly for the creative potential of his family.

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5 Things A Sovereign Feminine Woman is Not


In the western world, the recognition of women as equal participants in society  has made a gigantic shift in the evolution of humanity. However,what was once a healthy impulse to liberate women from being viewed as having less dignity than men has become a destruction of the natural dignity of womanhood- femininity. In the quest for mutual recognition and solidarity between the sexes, a crusade has developed against the natural polarization of sexual identity, and with it has crumbled the family unit and archetypal experiences of motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood. We will discuss this more in the future but for now we will focus on pinpointing several tragic misunderstandings about womanhood that are begging to be transformed!

One way to begin a process of transformation-in this case the reclamation of womanhood- is to set an intention of abstinence, as in the conscious refrain from a specific behavior. Abstinence is not meant to torture the practitioner with a “forbidden fruit,” but to help pull our energy away from behaviors that sabotage our desires and redirect it to those which support them. Before we explore five helpful ways to reconnect with the the natural feminine power of womankind, it is important to note that feminine energy grows with celebratory feedback while masculine energy grows with challenging feedback. Continue reading “5 Things A Sovereign Feminine Woman is Not”